Thursday, December 16, 2004

bic proof

one of my coworkers is a bicycle "enthusiast" (think 1/5 of your annual salary worth). He went to buy the best lock on the market and discovered it can be picked with a BIC pen! i'm sure this will go down in history as an engineering screwup.

a better writeup is on Wired, and they say the flaw has been known about since 1992, and the axial pin tumbler was invented more than 50 years ago. many locks including laptop security cables can be vulnerable to this kind of exploit. I wonder if the vending machine is too?


palegreenhorse said...

classic... everyone complains about internet security but i can't say i am all that impressed with physical security either. just an insecure world full of insecure people.

forkev said...

the video,and jen, said it all.
both alodia and i loved it.
i think i'm locking up my car 'rocket man' (movie) style.
take the entire wheel into my office.