Monday, November 08, 2004

touch & die

I am currently working on yet another 'project'. I had to have a quick meeting with one of the auditors of the project to close it out and so he showed up at my desk to get the final info. I explained it all. He was stuck on the fact that in order to convert production quantities from year to date quantities you multiply the numbers from jan1-oct31 by 1.2 to scale it up for estimated yearly. for you pseudo geeks, that means we have only 10 months worth of data and we want to predict what a linearly scaled 12 month data will be. simple enuf? no. and this guy even had 'master' in his name (no really, he does, master blackbelt)

to top it all off, when i'm showing him excel he finds the need to touch my monitor all over. now this reminds me of college when dan would let the dust build up evenly. I have also used this method and rather enjoy it. well, the dust is more than destroyed and we actually have the culprits FINGERPRINTs all over my view area. arg...... now I gotta find a way to clean it without scratching the preciouse coating.


forkev said...

I beleive a redust is in order.
it's similar to a refrag when a system disk defrag does not improve performance.
I beleive in order to accomplish this, you must get a napkin froma fast food joint when the coworkers are watching, and using your foot, drag the napkin through the parkinglot on the way back to the car. then, just as an obsessive compulsive may wash his hands, remove plastic bag from your coat with a similar napkin in it, and exchange them.
If asked why you are doing this, simply sput off that you are redusting your monitor, and wonder why they don't do it.

palegreenhorse said...

okay so if you are really trying to get rid of the fingerprints and dust on your computer this is what you do.
1. obtain box of kimwipes
2. obtain squirt bottle of water (properly labeled of course)
3. get one kimwipe wet and grab two dry ones with the other hand
4. wipe 1/4 of monitor with wet kimwipe, dry quickly with other kimwipes
5. repeat 4. as needed.

Janell said...

Kimwipes Rock!