Tuesday, November 09, 2004

One of the suits

One of the suits from across the hall (in finance, human relations, etc) was heating his food up for lunch at the same time that I was in the break room.

suit: what did we ever do without microwaves?
me: wait until summer so we can put it out at noon.
suit: Yeah.. it really is a modern convenience.
me: Actually, I think way back then the women actually stayed home!
suit: hahah........ actually I've done some calculations and the wife has to take home more than 14k just to break even! by the time you factor in daycare, nice cloths for work, another car, more insurance... its just not worth it!

ahh.. yep.. I got a good laugh.


palegreenhorse said...

item 1: what did we do before microwaves?
back in the day: people ate cold food or went out to lunch way way back in the day: men and women worked at home, perhaps doing different things, so both ate at home

item 2: breaking even when women work.
so it only costs 14K/yr for daycare, clothes, another car and car insurance? wow! and if that is besides the 14K then what in the world is in the 14K?
furthermore having a woman stay home doesn't mean that that will make lunch magically appear. my guess is that during the "golden age" when women stayed home men were going out to eat in which case it would be more expensive than taking a lunch.

ahhh so much more i could say, but won't because i have to go grade tests.

forkev said...

maybe they eat out of the dumpster and drive a beater.
14k sounds like a good find.

this does NOT however factor into the quality of care their children are being raised with. definiatly an inturesting point to ponder.
but then again, if your eating out of the dumpster and driving a beater, maybe daycare can be viewed as an 'investment' for your kids, must like the rest of us view university. it's all about the point of view.