Tuesday, November 02, 2004


so we hit the early bird election. we were there at 7am. and it still took us 1:45 minutes to make it through the line (that 1 hour and 45 minutes). it was a pain because 2 precints were using teh same location. we were in the long one (350) and the people kept coming out and yelling that 338 was free so any 338 people could go to the front of the line. as it turns out 350 is the largest precinct in northern nevada.. go figure our luck

but we got it done. and out of the 10 or so voting machines only 2 were broken. I wonder how many will be broken by 5pm?


palegreenhorse said...

keith forgot to mention the line was outside.
and the temp at 8 am was 32 °F.

forkev said...

as I carry my absantee ballot downstairs to the mail room (which must be postmarked by today and read in the case of a close race in washinton) i think of what it could be like.

mari said...

i am going to vote this evening in wood river, never have been to the high school, hope i can find it. not even sure who i will vote for. surely i can wait in the gym to vote

palegreenhorse said...

ya... i didn't really know who i was voting for in terms of president either till i got to the booth and said, there that will do i guess.
the rest of the stuff keith and i figured out on the sample ballot. he went through all the ammentments and stuff and i went through all the local elections. worked out okay and meant i didn't get sick of the whole political thing by reading everything.