Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Re: Gunzz

check out this comment from Gunzz in regards to the Freescale MC9S12NE64 post:

gunzz said...
What mailing address do you want the demo board sent to? I know the Marketing mgr for the product and have inquired about a free demo for you.

HOW COOL IS THAT! I've read all the literature I can find on this bad boy (actually, I've read most of it twice) and its the BLOG that helps me find more info! thanks for the offer gunzz, I will most definatly take you up on it. you can email me at I'm in the process of trying to stay some what anonymous so I'll give you the address through email.

now I wonder which one they'll ship?
DEMO9S12NE64 is the demo board, 75$
EVB9S12NE64 is the evaluation board, 250$

The Demo Board:

The Eval Board

The Eval board has lots more goodies like IRDA, LCD driver, keyboard port (ps2?), 512kb of sram, dual com ports, and a prototype area. The interesting thing about the Evaluation board as compared to the Demo board is that I think it was built by someone else (Axiom Manufacting).

yup.. sure enough. if you look HERE it talks about Axiom Manufacturing is among the top of Motorola's Third Party Tool vendors for PowerPC development and evaluation systems. Axiom specializes in single board computers, embedded controllers, custom design, and manufacturing solutions.

Interestingly enough they list their freescale application experience as:
Automotive Controller Area Network (CAN) Applications
Consumer Electronics
Internet Appliances
Industrial Control
Motor Control
Motor Control
Motor Control

yeah.. they actually list Motor Control 3 times. they must be pretty proud of that. I read in another article that said Freescale has product in 41% of cars in the US. so I'd think they should list Automotive Controller for CAN 3 times instead of motor control!

Because the Eval board is about 3x as expensive as the demo board, I suspect if freescale samples me a board it will most likely be the demo board which is fine. The demo board should do enough to prove the embedded ethernet concept that is the main thrust of the chip. BUT, who knows, if those upper ups want to really impress me they may choose to send the Eval. I haven't found alot of third party info about the NE64 chip so maybe this blog will serve as a good intro into using their tools.

I look forward to it!

if y'all get the chance, hop on over to Gunzz's Gripester


lizzy said...

Okay, k2h, you always leave such great and insightful comments on my blog (which I appreciate), so I thought I would return the favor and visit yours and leave a great and insightful comment.

But, alas, I read through this post 3 times, and I still don't understand it. I feel like I'm an idiot.

You must be brilliant!

k2h said...

re: lizzy
awe.. shucks... I'm really not so brilliant. You see after you get stuck as an engineer you tend to just string un-inteligble items together and think it makes sense. most of us engineer types can actually convince ourselves that a word we made up is true, so its no wonder the above makes little sense. you have to be half psycho to get it.

if you want some lighter (stupider) reading check out nerdytails (theres a link up there on the right I think). thats where me and some of my nerd friends post stupid stuff. hopefully since its not as formal as most of the stuff I Post here you'll enjoy it more

thanks for stopping by! its great to see I got at least one reader =)