Friday, November 12, 2004

freescale goes down now reads:

The system is currently unavailable. Please try back on Friday, Nov. 12th, at 10 PM MST. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

hmm... thats like calling a company and getting "were sorry, that number has been disconnected".. it just doenst instill confidence in a company.


forkev said...

in their defence, there are many complexities about having a corporate identity that are beyond the control of most small businesses. i mean, common, if you take your business card out in the rain, it may get some rain spots on it and not be quite as presentable: but that should not stop you from passing it on. the same is true with an online presence - sometimes you just have to weather the storm.

k2h said...

your exactly right, 'small business' that is what I think of when there are technical difficulties. a motorola spinn off should be pretty big! your right, i'm petty, its just things like this that make you wonder if a supplier of their product will get you the uP in time so you can meet customer demands. it just sends a small sign of lacking is all.

gunzz said...

k2h, freescale is switching over from Moto servers this weekend. seems they don't want us to share anymore....hence, the downtime.

now, equating server downtime to the ability to provide product seems a bit of a stretch. good thing we shipped your free 9S12NE64 demo board before the systems went down.

in keeping with the belief that a customer concern is an opportunity for improvement, I will forward your concerns to the IT folks. thanks.