Monday, November 08, 2004

embedded ethernet

OK.. I started out my blogging experience talking about embedded ethernet, now I think it is time to revisit this interest of mine. there is an add on the inside cover of this months Nuts and Volts magazine that has a web server (hardware) for $29. for the LIFE OF ME, I can not figure out who sells it and I'm just to impatiant to wait to get home see what the URL is. so, in my google quest, I run across Freescale Semiconductor. I read about them over the weekend, and just ignored one of their new release notes, that said they have an entire network enabled processor in a single package that does EVERYTHING for $8 (in bulk). now that sounds pretty interesting. I Just wish I"d heard of this freescale before so I could have more faith in the product.

so.. I'm going to read more about MC9S12NE64CPV and the datasheet can be found HERE. for a few hundred dollars the evaluation/development kit may actually be realy fun to play with. if so I know what my christmas present will be.

The freescale chip is a tad complicated. its a full blown uP which is cool, but I think i'd have to write my own protocol implementation which would suck.

I FINALLY found the $29 device I was thinking of.. this implementation is a tad on the senior project side, but interesting none the less. check out or a review on


palegreenhorse said...

so is that what you want for christmas? or b-day?

Anonymous said...

Freescale Semiconductor is the Motorola Semiconductor spin-off. They aren't going anywhere so you should contact a sales rep and get some samples!

gunzz said...

k2h, I have notified the sales team that you are looking for the NE64. Also, if you want a NE64 dev tool to play around with, get in touch with Arrow and find out if they have this dev tool in their "Test Drive" program.

Thanks for blogging and demonstrating that blogs can be a very good method to hear what customers want. In order to get the correct sales person to you, at what GE location are you? Thanks for the feedback.

k2h said...

re: gunzz
I'm in nevada. Your question threw me for a loop there for a second since I've been trying to stay faily vague on the blog as to not attract attention from the superiours. I like to grip and complain on the blog as an outlet so I really do my best to not get specific. I really do not want to put the company in a bad light.

I love my job, I 'love' the people I work with, and I really enjoy engineering. at times I think the author of the dilbert comic strip works in the same cube that I do so it can get depressing to read your life in the sunday comics.

ahhh.. but I figured out my mistake. a straight cut and paste from the EMS system reveals that one of the classes was indeed GE102, yup.. now the secrets out. I work for GE.

one of my favorite pick up lines, well more of a conversation starter since I'm married is "do you own a GE washer/dryer?" I find about 50/50 satisfaction wtih it. my own personal survey... and no, I don't work for that division..

... i'll find something else to ramble about now.... thanks for reading.