Monday, November 01, 2004

organic solvents

We have an HP laserjet 4000 (network enabled) printer. It really is an awesome piece of machinery and I hope that the compaq/HP merger won't ruin this line. well.. its been having a little trouble picking paper. so we have been using the manual feed tray and that seems to do the trick.

so today I see a guy from computerland working on it. a few people are standing around and the boss was there as well.

Boss: does your simple green have a posted MSDS sheet?
tech: ummm... no, its organic.
me: so is gasoline.

it was beutiful. totally on the fly.


forkev said...

what an opportunity! nice save.

I myself have been blessed with users who CLAIM not to login incoorectly, but upon close inspection they have. when confronted about it, they deny doing anything wrong. well no duh it does not work, you're not on teh right network. so i fix it, and go on.

palegreenhorse said...

beautiful! i am so happy to hear that you thought of such an awesome comment on the fly. i just hope the other two got it!