Monday, June 13, 2005

too old?

I know you guys are sick of painting, but I'm not. so lucky you, you get to read through another boring post about pigment enriched shed spread.

I was wandering around out back looking for my old illegally stashed paint cans. they use to be in the garage but they were taking up 'precious crap' space, so they got the boot and now reside outside on a random patch of earth with a 2x4 ontop. i'm not sure what purpose the 2x4 held, but thats how I found the stash of about 10 1-gal paint cans.

I was hoping beyond hope that one of these ancient things had a little of the trim paint left so I could do the upper trim on the shed. I was just beside myself when I found one that looked to have the right color smeared on the outside. the lable had long since desentigrated so reading what it was suppose to be was not an option.

I got the 1-gal stirrer our and attached to the dewalt cordless. I was hoping that even though the outside of the can was a little rusty things would be squeeky clean inside. imagine my surprise when I found more rust on the inside of the can than the outside! oh well.... nothing a good blending won't fix.. and its just going on the shed anyway.

once blended you could hardly tell it use to contain rust chips. I learned my lesson last time on the 5-gal bucket 'DONT SCRAPE THE SIDES' so that may have been one reason the paint looked usable.

after painting I re-sealed the can. the thing is so far gone I was concerned I wouldn't be able to get it to seal up again, but with the aid of several hammer blows the lid started to go down. its ready for another 5 year rest until someone needs it again.

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palegreenhorse said...

"you get to read through another boring post about pigment enriched shed spread."
nice sentence! i love the shed spread. =)