Thursday, June 16, 2005

brown nosing tuesdays

I work for big corporate america, and like all good places, the employees often get together and try to start trends, fashions, and what not. you've probably heard of the most famous, hawaiin fridays, where everyone is invited to wear a hawaiin shirt on fridays, or casual fridays, where everyone is invited to wear jeans....

well, we have the almost normal hawaiin thing, except it is on thursday. the cafeteria, which use to be not for profit, found a profitible ploy to offer free icecream to the hawaiin thursday crowd. they'll have to do better than that to get me join in on that.

then theres another group of people that always wear slacks, nice shirt, and a tie on MONDAY. yup.. never could get into that either...

the newest one I learned about is 'brown nosing tuesdays'. why I haven't heard about it before is beyond me, but I'm very happy to now consider myself that on tuesdays. its a small group of people that have a sarcastic sense of humor. brown nosing tuesdays consists of wearing a company shirt with a company logo on tuesdays. to the untrained eye it appears as though we are so proud of the company we like the strange dress wear we win or receive for various stupid work assignements, but to the intelect among us it is 'brown nosing tuesday', a sarcastic jab at the brown nosers higher on the corporate latter than we have been able to make it.

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