Tuesday, June 07, 2005

nock around cam?

I've been looking for a cheap nock around cam that I can take where I usually wouldn't take a camera. like mount it on the front of the motercycle. put it in a pouch during rock climbing. try a ziplock underwater... that kind of thing.

it seems 130$ may get you pocket dv2 a cam capable of 1280 by 1024 stills, and low quality video. AND it can write to a 512meg compact flash! hmm... might just be the cheap hunk o junk i'm looking for.

this was from a geek.com article I was reading about a disposalbe 20 min. video camera for $30. that may be worth something to if it is hacked.

supposedly there is an even better one than the dv2 the dv350 I'll have to keep reading.

other links
a blogger that used the cvs video camera
hacking the cvs still


palegreenhorse said...

or you could just get a canon elph with 3.2 megapixels for somewhere between 100-150 bucks on ebay

Adam Preble said...

I just posted an update with a brief review of the "CVS Camcorder" on my entry, as well as one of the WMV clips from the DVD.