Sunday, June 05, 2005

no new cycle, BUT....

so we were planning on going to look at an F650gs (motorcycle) for sale this weekend, but we got side tracked. instead, I ended up fixing a CAT backhoe (blown fuse), and we bought another house. I know.. I know, a bit different than what we thought we'd be doing.

the house? 2300 sqft, 2 story, lot is 6600 sq feet. if you punch that into google you'll see that that is the definition of a POSTAGE STAMP. the house will be done jan31. in the $400k range.

we are thinking of building a climbing wall in the dining room. it is open to the full height of the 2 story, so that should get the appetite going.

anybody wanna buy my current house? if you don't want to buy it, i'll consider renting it to you. it has a nice new slightly illegal shed that fits 4 motorcycles. if you have more than I do, you may be able to fit 6 in it.


~ AH ~ said...

"so honey, I was thinking, why buy a motorcycle when we can buy a house instead? I mean, $4K, $400K, only a few dollars difference, right?..."

crap guys! I thought we were the ones supposed to be running to buy a house.

cool for you though! climbing wall would be awesome. nice size house, weeney lot size though. Less to take care of though :)

palegreenhorse said...

ya we just spend money like crazy =) hahahaha. actually we've been on the list for people who want to buy a house in this devolopment for over a year. so it came up and we crunched a few numbers and decided we could get a bigger house and still pay the same amount we are paying now. so it should be fun. it will be a good experience to see if we prefer a larger lot or smaller and larger, newer house.

palegreenhorse said...

building a wall should be interesting... maybe we can get dave to calculate some of the mechanical engineering stuff =).

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