Thursday, June 23, 2005

shoe jobs

I received authorization yesterday to visit the shoe store and pick up a pair of safety shoes on the comany dime (since I work in manufacturing). I was fairly happy with the selection at redwing shoes and was able to find a pair of steel toe shoes WITH ES (electro static) protection. they kind of look like old grandma shoes but they'll serve the purpose. you can see it in all its ugly glory here. I was hoping for something a bit more professional but that was all they had in the store and I didn't fee like waiting for a special order.

the shoes retailed for around 140$, so with the mandatory discount for doing business with my company it came to 115$ after taxes or something. heres the funnny part. the shoes were on SALE for 99$ so the mandatory discount actually cost the company money. this is not the first time i've seen this happen, and from what i"ve witnessed it seems to be more of a norm than the exception for the company to get screwed by their own strong arming.

heres the cool part. the old guy running the store was like "hey, thats the exact same shoe someone from blah-blah-blah got last week!". now, anyone that needs a steel toe AND ESD protection definatly works in similar line of work that I do. (elecrtronic assembly / production). he gave me the names of two local business's that do similar work to mine and i'd never heard of them!

Next time I need to find a job, screw the temp agency, i'll go the a specialty shoe store and ask who bought 'this type of shoe'


palegreenhorse said...

that's funny, find employment by quizzing the shoe guy. i gotta try that.

mari said...

i have never even heard of those kind of shoes, but i think every pair ought to come with a plastic pocket protector!

Janell said...

That is amusing - wonder if there is a shoe store for biology type shoes :).

~ AH ~ said...

Janell - Kevin says you should quiz the vinyl glove factory.

Janell said...

Ah - thats a more fitting idea :)