Monday, May 01, 2006

summer is here

Summer is here. and if your not sure if summer is where you are at, heres some ways to tell...

1) did you have trouble turning the sprinkler system on because the key is 2 feet long instead of needed 3 feet? when you did turn it on, did the valve shoot water in your ear.

2)did your lawnmower start on last years varnish in the tank?

3)did you refill your gas can with supreme so you could use the fuel in the lawnmower or the motorcycle?

4)did you let the lawn get so long before cutting it you had trouble pushing the mower through it?

5) does 10 minutes in the sun leave a red mark on your neck / or arm?

6) does your helmet lose visibility due to gnats, masquittos and grass hoppers?

7) have you taken a grass hopper to the the adams apple? [at speed]

8) are your winter riding gloves too hot, but your wife is still waiting to get you $20 summer ones?

9) is the liner in your motorcycle coat too hot in the afternoon AND the morning commute?

10) are you leaving your windows cracked in the car when you park?


forkev said...

1. amazing sprinklers aren't broke when i didn't drain the sprinkler lines before they all froze. solid. 3 weeks later i remembered.

2. in my watts valve from the main house water to the unknown location of the sprinkler control box, the valve broke because of the ice. unwilling to pay $24 for a peice of plastic the size of a quarter, i used a film bottle and o-ring. the sprinklers are back on.

3. I am too cheep to get a trash can larger then 35 gals. so we have creative ways of 'filling' our trash can that usually includes cardboard sticking out the top to increase capacity - so we can get the yard clippings in there.

4. we're out vases. flowers are everywhere.

yup, spring is here.

forkev said...

how on EARTH could i forget:

5. you are no longer crawling through 1 foot of snow or wading through 8" of water when you play paintball.

6. you no longer have to deal with fog on the goggles

7 you can take your coat of and yell 'shirts verses skins - who's with me'. - and then put your armor back on if your name is kevin.

6. the capacity of the co2 is higher because of the ambient tempature diffeerence between 85 degrees outside compared to the 25 in the snow.

7. less paint is breaking and the accuracy is up because the alluminum barrels arn't shrunk so small the paint can't get through.

8. there is less splatter all over me as the GREEN foolage is actually blocking stuff instead of little brown sticks your hiding behind just causing you to get sprayed.

k2h said...

7 you can take your coat of and yell 'shirts verses skins - who's with me'. - and then put your armor back on if your name is kevin.

that is such a classic 'kevin' line. if you ever choose to die, let me know i'm reading that one at your funeral.

palegreenhorse said...

1. the cat sheds more hair than you thought possible.

2. there are 10x as many motorcyclists on the road and the motorcycle parking is packed at mid-day.

3. students start talking about graduating and those silly classes they just have to get through.

4. there is a yellow breasted finch outside at work.

5. eating outside is a nice idea.

forkev said...

and of course, BBQ!
looks like our ligherfluid still works, too. I've skipped breakfast and lunch for this evening. it's gonna be good.