Monday, May 22, 2006

helmet headsets

I have been doing some research on headsets for bike to bike communication and come to the conclusion that there are only two that are potentials for what I need. both are bluetooth solutions, the idea being that BT connects your helmet headset to a (FRS) radio which does the actual communication between bikes

1) Motorola HS830 pros: has intercom mode (for rider/passenger link), so you don't have to have another box to do the transfer, and can dock in general headphone pod to use for other things. Cons: suppose to have connects to side of helmet with sticky, so not transferrable from helmet to helmet, also does not include generic BT receiver to attach to the radio, so that would cost an additional $30-$50

2) Cardo Scala-Rider pros: clamps on to side of helmet so easy to transfer, AND includes BT receiver to plug into phone (or radio hopefully). Cons: read one report of the ultra thin speaker rubbing too much on the ear. looks like it only mounts on the left side of helmet.

this baby (complete headset and receiver) goes for $104 from tiger direct thats a pretty rockin deal considering for alot of the systems just the mic and speakers are $70 or more.

I'm getting close to ordering one. someone talk me in or out of it!

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