Tuesday, May 09, 2006

free MS

I think someone already posted about it, but I can't remember, so I'll just post about it. it seems MS is giving something away now? it was suppose to be an introductor thing, limited time, but it was so so successful microsoft is releasing 'hobby / student' versions of their compilers for FREE. dubbed the 'express' versions, it gives the average joe a reason to persue closed source offerings over open source. to note, the accompanying coding4fun website. one interesting place was the TextToSpeach site on MSDN here that said vista will have much better support. I think I should setup a service to digitize textbooks and then convert them to usable to txt to speach so people can listen to their class material on the commute

a friend at work already loaded it up and wrote a few things.. I may have to do the same.


forkev said...

open source CAN exist even if it's in .NET --> just because your cramming VB.Net or C# into the Common Language Runtime does not mean it's closed source. Honestly, though, the performance gains in .NET at this point do NOT offset the appeal Ruby has for me. With VI just releasing version 7 that has intilli sense for ruby,a nd with jEDIT looking pretty good on the ruby front, i may have to think twice about investing my free time in the MS stuff. Ruby still has my eye.

Sarah said...

Hey, Kev, have you looked at RadRails? Haven't used it but it looks pretty sweet. I also have a bunch more Ruby resources bookmarked.

forkev said...

awesome find on radrails. i've not seen it yet.