Wednesday, May 10, 2006

google reader

i'm ready to save some time, and join the modern era of pulling content. i'm finding i'm having to click alot to get the info I need and most of the time its a dead end anyway?

so... thats a long and drawn out way of saying "i'm sick of clicking on everyones blog just to find there is no new content"

the solution? google reader. for our blogs, just ad a link of /atom.xml to the end and theres the reader feed. now all I need is the RSS feed link for dan and sarahs blogs. then it will be 'one click' reading.

maybe I can share my starred items. oh wait. thats if I highlite something I like. I was hoping that would......... ah never mind....


forkev said...

netvibes is where it's at.

k2h said...

netvibes looks good if I need more crap on my 'start' page..... thanks for the link.

right now, I'm content to make the transition from 'plain google' to 'my page google'

that may not sound like much of a transition for you, but just ask jen, for me, its a huge transition.

all I need is email and blog update info...........

unless............ you have a script that will use the atom in blogspot to tell when a new comment has been made! that I could really use. I like the comments often times more than the origional post.

Sarah said...

WordPress produces blog-wide comment feed and individual post coment feeds by default. :)

(Yes, I'm a blogging elitist.)

palegreenhorse said...

yes... quite the step for keith to move from plain google to personalized google. he is very upset when my personalized google shows up when he goes to which is amusing to me since there is still the search bar at the top.

sarah is a blogging elitist. but wordpress is better so she is justified in promoting it. i'm just too lazy to switch to a blog hosted by her.