Tuesday, May 30, 2006

headset - cheap

jen and I found a set of these for $30 @ compusaincludes two radios, two chargers, two headsets, and the radios use an ultra small li-ion battery. who knows how the life will be, but it looks like a good cheap first pass effort for helmet to helmet comm. has built in VOX, which does actually work. not sure how resistant to wind noise it will be, but you do have to speek a little loud to get it to turn on so it does stand a chance. you can use the PTT button with the headset (can turn vox on and off) so its a pretty good all around product. no subcodes, but for $30.. i'll give it a shot.

for you paintballing gurus out there... this just might be the ticket!

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forkev said...

i've got 4 frs/gmrs(?) radios and have been building headsets for them (i needs to different styles as they are two different manufactures, but got distracted with my skype phone...

they do look nice and tiny. if they come with a headset they sound like a good deal