Wednesday, September 07, 2005


thanks to kev for the ONLY link on his link page I followed it to a small story about tesla here i've read a little of Teslas work, but I've never heard of this. it makes me want to get some more literature on the dude.

Tesla was virtually written out of history by the wealthy Energy Cartel, and later by the United States Government; who had him working on Top Secret Projects like the so-called "Philadelphia Experiment". This combined Tesla's technology with Einstein's still-secret discoveries in physics causing a US Navy Destroyer called the Eldridge to disappear in 1943 into a parallel Universe with 493 men aboard.


Ayoye said...

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palegreenhorse said...

naturally tesla invented a way to jump to a parallel universe.... most interesting conspiracy theory i have heard in a while.
btw... turn on the word verification for your comments. more effective than changing to non-anonymous comments.

k2h said...

re ayoye:
hey buddy, thanks for the spam. you just got the 'type the word filter' turned on.

Janell said...

Barely related:
My brother named his dog Tesla.

Sarah said...

I like Tesla. She's a nice dog. Smarter than Niki. :)