Thursday, September 15, 2005

just MLS

I'm not so sure the money i'm paying to sell my house is worth it. in an attempt to see exactly what it takes to 'do it yourself', often called FSBO (for sale by owner), I did a google search for just mls. that revealed some sound blaster analysis tool... not quite what I was looking for. I searched a little farther, and found where they claim you can get your listing in MLS for $399. that looks MIGHTY ATTRACTIVE. anyone ever tried something like that?


k2h said...

testing the comment thing

forkev said...

yeah, we're still here.
i must say that i felt like our realator was our friend, but as soon as the deal was closed, he'd found other friends. that's find. i got what i wanted, but i'm still trying to come to conclusions about his genuiatiy.