Wednesday, September 14, 2005

mba class in paper

thanks for finding this jen. It is the MBA class i'm taking. the following is the message I posted to our student BBS system, telling others about it. I posted it in the OPTIONAL reading section as there was a big complaint in class (the same night the article was written) about people not wanting to have to read more than they had too.

my head is the one on the right of the image, right above 'purple shirt'

I think this is our class that made it in the paper. Note I am putting this in the OPTIONAL discussion board for those of you that are too lazy to read.


k2h said...

major taboo to post on your own crap I know, but I have to let you guys know this lady had a HUGE camera. now that I look at the quality of the image I think I was ripped off. it looks like it came from a camera phone. I think she actually had a semi-pro film camera. to bad she's no better at using it than I am.

k2h said...

I have to give you'all an update on the 'note this is going in the optinional section for those of you that are too lazy to read'

the instructor hated that comment and I think it actually go the post deleted from the system. its back to the rigid candor or political correctness (stupidness) for me. its really tuff to be serious 10 hours a day, but thats what management has in store.. let me get it out while I still can.. 'yippeeee'.....