Friday, September 30, 2005


stupid stuff to do to an xr650. I use to hate the pavement, but after about 10k miles from around town, commuting and the last trip to alaska i'm starting to get a nack for it. the big problem is deciding what kinda bike I want for the next trip.

1-1.5)1100 or 1150gs BMW
2) some street bike
3) convert the xr650L to more street worthness and leave it sit where it stops in alaska

people thought I was stupid with option #3 but given my desire to reamain not poor #3 is looking more and more interseting. i'm sure the riders I go with would dis own me... that could be a problem if the bike does stop.


palegreenhorse said...

ya #3 would be such a bad idea except i don't really want to squish both of us onto my bike in case yours does stop... but if it doesn't stop you can ride whatever you want!
option #1.75 get a bmw 650 dakar...

palegreenhorse said...

oh ya... for those like me that have heard of motard, but couldn't remember exactly what that meant check out the wikipedia entry.

Dan said...

Personally I would recommand taking a serious look at a specialized s-works full dura-ace bike.