Tuesday, October 18, 2005

hire / fire

at times, I think I have the worst possible job in the world. I have to hire people. which seems like a pretty straightforward task. find someone qualified, and give them a job. well our temp service, and yes I will say their name so you can all AVOID them, ADECCO SUX. they do not screen for valid candidates. I will not go into specifics lest someone does not agree with what I consider the BASICS of a qualified candidate, but they are not doing their job. they are not screening for what we ask. they are not administering the health and safety tests that we request. they suck. the contact person they gave me at adecco is someone that thinks she is to high and mighty to talk to me so I never get a straight answer when I talk with her. she ingores my requeests, and ignores the requests of my other co-managers that talk with her. they are idiots.

so.. the hiring sux, but today I found the firing sux as well. its not really firing when you just ask for a replacement temp, and for them to take back one that they sent you but it still makes you feel all icky inside for telling someone they wern't worthy, as if a $9 job doesn't have 99.9% of the population qualififed right off the bat. the upper ups expect WAY TO MUCH from this level of employee, and these poor guys give way more than they should for what they are compensated for. I don't let that out due mostly in part that I don't want a severe mutiny on my hands but its the truth. the person I let go actually called me after she was let go (the firing was done through proxy) and I was honest and told her areas to improve upon. I was actually glad I got to talk with her. hopefully I'll help her in the long run to be a more productive person. yeah.. thats a bunch of crap. is what it really comes down to is she was a 9$ person. no more than we were offering, and the company wants a $20 person. how do you tell someone its not their fault? it really isn't. its the crushing power of the big machine.

end of rant.

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