Tuesday, October 18, 2005

'da throne

something tells me it may look better with the throne attached. and yes, the new house is wired with cat5. they used it to also run the phone circuits. so I bet I could terminate with an RJ11 AND a cat5 end. I betcha I could even fit two phone lines AND a computer connection in there but whats the point. we'll be on voip in a few years anyway. dan, you need to let me know how VGA over cat5 cabeling works and how long your run was.


Dan said...

actually at church we have run S-Video over cat 5 for maybe 200 feet with good results. At home I have only run composite maybe 50 feet and it is fine too. The biggest problems I have had are with audio picking up a buzz. As I am thinking about the buzz and what I have learned about sound I should probably get a couple of direct boxes for each end and run a balanced signal for each audio channel. So plan on a full cat-5 (8-conductor) wire for video, 6*3 conductors for surround sound (18 conductors) and you'll be good to go. The other option is always to put a PC in the entertainment cabinet. On a another note you may or may not be aware of the maturity of wireless internet. We ditched cable and with wireless a month or so ago. The modem is about the same size as a cable modem (no other antenna) and we get comprable rates to a low end cable isp. The technology is WiMax from Intel and I believe the nearest tower is over 1/2 a mile to a mile from our house. I am incredibly impressed. This technology is going to be rolled into PCMCIA cards / laptop chipsets within a year and will be headed for cellphone chipsets as rapidly as Intel can make it happen. Our ISP is clear wire... check them out if they are in your area. As far as phone lines... no need, cell phones work fine and with the right deal (i.e. go in with some other folks and get a 4 phone plan) it is economically justifiable compared to a land line. So now we are completely wireless (except power) to the house.

forkev said...

what?! no springing for cat6 550mhz
i'm disappointed.

i think i'll put cat6 in the new church addition as it's really not that much more expensive (maybe 100$ or something).
of you want gigibit, you'll need all those 8 wires in cat5, otherwise you can pull a fancy circuit using on wire, and use 2 pairs, one for data, 1 for phone, and the 2nd for phone.

for your access point on the roof, look into power over ethernet.

forkev said...

tesla, you've left dan out in the cold by not finishing your life's dream: wireless transmission of sizable electricity.