Monday, October 17, 2005

Bittorrents Bram Cohen

Fortune did an article on Bram Cohen. It looks like he somehow started a company with 8.75 million in startup. I use to think thats alot, and it is, but its not as much as I use to think it was. I'm really glad someone is giving him a chance to capitalize on his success. The bittorrent technology has definatly changed the face of the 'net and Cohen should be duely rewarded.

I LOVE the ending to the article. 'always more puzzles'

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forkev said...

steller read.
i disagree with the industry's conclusion that 45 million peers will just roll over and start suscribing to a service. it's not like they can just 'turn off' the existing technology. even if you partner with the internet backbones and packetscan or block ports, or whatever, there is always encyption and port jumping. this is one beast they may not be able to reing in.