Friday, July 22, 2005


probably my only readers of this blog already know about this, but I'll do a quick write up for the rest of you.

you see, when my wife and I went on a cruise this summer with my brother and his wife we had a most wonderful time. someone coined the term 'pinky' after this late teenage girl that just got married and was traveling among the 1500 passengers on the ship. one night she was part of a game show that we attended and every time she answered she had this kind of high pitched yelp. pinky pretty much summs it up and will forever describe my stereo-type view of late teen girls.

Pinky. I laugh every time I think about it.


forkev said...

i miss pinky.
i thought she was the dumber half of the equation until the new husband started talking. man. their life should be a sitcom.

~ AH ~ said...

we named her pinky because she was wearing a hot pink sweatsuit. and any other time we saw her, she was again wearing something pink.

except the day getting off the cruise... her husband was wearing a pink dress shirt.

(k2h - I was SO thinking of her the other day and was thinking I should blog about her too!)

~ AH ~ said...

oh wait, forgot to mention that she grabbed her boobs - look at those gigantic 34bs! whoa yeah!

k2h said...

that was my favorite part! I forgot about that.

palegreenhorse said...

the boob grabbing definately defines pinky. stupid and proud of it. she and her pink husband were such good laughing.