Thursday, July 14, 2005


I'm back to playing with the NE64 chip. I've got someone that can really benefit from a simple program on it so I'm off to use it! finally! heres a note for me on uBug12 and miniide review

NE64 on freescale
intro to microcontrollers
bcd to 7-segment display
GNU for HC12
HC12 guides
miniide and ubug12 example


forkev said...

who and what's the product you'll build for the great benefit?

k2h said...

dads aviation company. to replace an obsolete ISA card that hasn't been supported since the turn of the last century (think 1800's). I'm building a very simple 8 channel programmable pulse generator. should take less than 50 lines of assembly. a nice afternoon (most likely month) project.