Friday, July 22, 2005

blackjack computer

hidden way down in an article about building the first blackjack computer

No, we kept it a secret. We wouldn’t have been countenanced well by the church. There are a lot of hard-liners that only see black and white, even though the Bible doesn’t actually condemn gambling. There is a thought somehow that gambling is evil. There was deceit involved there, and that really bothered my wife in particular. It has always been an issue. I personally haven’t had much wrestle with it because I came to realize that man is basically evil, and except for the grace of Jesus Christ we haven’t got a chance. We’re doomed. Whether the sin is one thing or another, it is still a sin. Gambling per se isn’t a sin. The love of money is a sin. It’s like trying to rate sin. Can you put one sin over another? Jesus made it clear that when the Pharisees talked about having sex with a woman out of wedlock, the fact that you had lust condemned you equally. To gossip about someone, or to lie to someone, these are all human failings we have. Gambling is just another in a long list of things that are ripe for abuse. To get more to the question, Ken’s lifestyle-that is the real world. As Christians we are to be out in the world, and be witness to the world. For some, we will be the only bible they ever read. It was an opportunity to witness to Ken, and we had some very good conversations about faith and such subjects.


palegreenhorse said...

personally i think gambling is one of those things that has a high potential for abuse. but this doesn't mean i think it should always be avoided. we raised money for our high school senior class by having a game show which involved basically gambling. it was fun. i would do it again. i didn't think it took advantage of people. however living in reno, it is very clear that the lure of the magic jackpot wastes a lot of poor people's money.

forkev said...

what a cool read!
i like the teeth contacts and tones for number blocks. 33 seconds to input a whole deck using your teeth!? that guy was tallented.

i liked the end where they discussed the weakest link: other people.