Monday, August 08, 2005


thanks to kunae gives us guess the google picture game that pops up 20 images from a google images search and you have to guess the search word. I suck at it. the only one I got right was because the search word was part of one of the imiages, kitsch


forkev said...

224 score, i gout about 6 right or something. several did have the word in the graphic. i was surprised to see that the top score was note twice what i had.

Sarah said...

I'm tragically addicted now. I want to get in the top ten and I'm convinced that I could do it if I tried long enough, as they repeat words. There's a couple I'm just not getting, though. One has a cow with heart-shaped sunglasses and starts with 'c'. Any thoughts?

palegreenhorse said...

super fun game. i like it. i met the cow too and i don't have a clue.