Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Desk warez

People come by my desk and love to play with miscellaneous things that I have sitting out, so far all I have is a hacky sack I got for my birthday, a couple of broken units that we build here (those are not the favorite) and a pet wooden snake I picked up while I was on company business.

I usually keep the snake hidden as it seriuosly offends my boss, but its lots of fun to 'leave out' and see what happens.

what ideas do you guys have for cool things to have on the desk for people to play with when they come to talk to me?


forkev said...

i have a mug of candy (jelly beans and m&m's) few people know about it, yet i saw one person eat most of it in less then 2 days while he came to visit.
i myself am partial to little bits of phone wire so i can pick my teeth, and i GREATLY enjoy a mouse ball (a steal one, not those crapy plastic ones). I also have a large foam apple from AIG Valic (retirement) that people roll around. a good #2 phillips screw driver is also usually out in the open as it's usually in service.

forkev said...

i suggest getting one of those spilled coffee glue mugs that fits over your keyboard to make it look like a large booboo, that autta get some laughs.

Janell said...

I agree with the candy idea. My freind Melissa had one of these - very similar at least... http://www.chuckanutbaygallery.com/woodjb.html will only dispense a couple at a time... helps to keep people from eating it all at once.

k2h said...

I hear you on the candy, but heres some reasons I'm opposed:

1) I work in electronic manufucaturing. my desk is co-located near the assembly process so I in essence work on the production floor. encouraging food and drink is kind of a double standard. I don't want to make this a place to get solder and solder flux all over your hands and then go get a treat from the boss's desk and get sick

2) I have around 20 people that work for me. I have 2 peer supervisors that stop by, I have 2 dotted line engineers, and 5 other engineers. when you add that all up, not even taking into account the 'walk bys' for the supervisor next to me (another 20 emp. report to her) I don't expect food of any kind to last very long.

3) when I'm talking with someone at my desk, I want to have a converstation with them. I don't want their mouth full of crap and me do all the talking. if you come to talk to me, you have to talk. dont' just sit there!

Sarah said...

How about some chinese finger traps? Anybody remember the scene from Star Trek: The Next Generation where Data gets stuck?

palegreenhorse said...

oooo i love chinese finger traps and the star trek with them!! i even spent wove myself one once.