Monday, March 28, 2005

twinsburg part 2

ok.... yeah. I know... I should have learned from the first 2 week tour, but I singed up for ANOTHER two week tour of duty to 'the sister company'. its gonna be hard to improve upon the success I had on the first tour, so I don't think i'm going to give it 120% like I did the first go around. this time I'm giving it 80. as noted by the fact that i'm flying back (at the end of this tour) on a thursday night instead of a friday night this time (no sundown issues) and i'm not even planning on going in on friday (company will give me the day)

I told the super boss dude I wanted to work on something else this tour and he looked at me with shock and amazement so I quickly retracted my statement and agreed to be the lacky again and do what i'm good at, the (insert name of super secret project here) project.

this time it gets more complicated. last time we stayed at a hilton garden inn, very nice and respectable for the 109$ price tag per night. its interesting to see that some things actually cost MORE with the company discount, but i digress.. the nice thing about staying there was that it was only a few miles from where I worked, and they served breakfast, so we didn't have to waste time diggin up grub in the morning and you got your own room, they had maid service, and a swimming pool. now i'm sure your wondering WHY i'm going into all this detail. it is to compare a contrast it with the setup this go around....

now the company is renting 2 3-bedroom condos. so.. what does that mean? no room service, probaly no tv in my room. no made to clean up after me, no breakfast on the house.. NOTHING. that almost made me choke all over myself when I learned its about the same price as just living in the hotel any way... so whats the point!?!!! AND its 20 minute drive. hmm........... interesting............ I hope I don't get one of my coworkers as a bunkmate cause we dn't have any women engineers, they all got pregnant and quit.

yup.. definatly interesting. and now we only have 2 LEASED cars instead of a bunch of rental cars to share with like 6 people. before we had 3 cars to share with 6 people. this is gonna be 'fun'. good thing we booked that cruise cause i'm gonna need it.

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