Sunday, March 13, 2005

ohio = success

the trip to ohio was a smashing success. I worked 12-16 hours a day for 2 weeks straight including sunday. the only day we took off was saturday and we ended up going to the cleveland car show which turned out to be pretty cool even though I was unable to find a GOLF V. the one they had was built on the IV chassis so that disapointed me.

I was able to reverse engineer something, and build a new one in 2 weeks. amazing actually. it wasn't overly complex but it had about 500 nets in it so that took hours to map with my little fluke meter. I called in all the favors I had with the guys at work and was able to get an intern to do a little CAD work for me and given the time difference from east coast to west coast it worked out just perfect. I was able to get a new board on order and delivered in less than 2 days, spent a few more days wiring it up and debuggging.

I don't think anyone from work is going to want to go out there and help, cause it will be hard to work more hours than we did and i'm sure they will expect more out of the next group.

after it was all said and done it appeared to turn in to a shameless sales pitch to recruit my team to move to ohio and work with the sister company indefinatly. what a bunch of crap. it was shameless, so shameless we almost puked over our 30$ steaks when management brought it up at the table.


forkev said...

so, did they actually use the product you reverse engineered, or was it all a big test?

k2h said...

it wasn't a big test, they really needed it. I'm sure they will use what I built.