Friday, February 18, 2005

GMAT-- Done

I took the GMAT today, got me a 610. I scored 43 on the analytical (math) and a 31 on the english crap. what ever that means. a score of 620 would have put me in the 80's percentile, so I'm just under that. I can now say with confidence than in a group of 5 I have good odds of being the second smartest person. ahhh.... thats a buch of crap.

it cost $250, but I have a nice pair of earplugs to show for it. the provided ear plugs, but I didn't open mine, so I may frame them or something..


forkev said...

i almost got mine last night. alodia still caughing.
it's either earplugs or the couch.

k2h said...

how about you help get her better and give her some cough syrrup.