Monday, February 07, 2005

business trip

after 3.5 years of employement by the 'big employer' I'm going on my first business trip! I leave in a few weeks, and will be gone about 2 weeks. to some suburb in ohio.

Round trip Plane tickets: $450
Rental car: $150-400 (not sure why the gap?)
lodging: 103$ a night (around $1100 total?)
total: approx $2,000

probably way more after meals.

I got me a king size bed, the room us suppose to come with internet and a game system. so, if i'm alive after working 14 hour days I just might be able to kick back and use the ammenities.

What food do you guys think I should get on the company dollar?
What enteratinment/attractions do you think I should see near the cleveland ohio area (and don't cut in to far on my 700 miles total allowed for the rental car)

ohh..... and I"m sure you wonder why the big trip? Its cause i get to reverse engineer something! =)


palegreenhorse said...

does the hotel do your laundry too or are you going to have to figure that out?

forkev said...

laundry? what kind of question is that. it's for ONLY two weeks. just take a change of underwear, and a second tie*. you'll be good to go.

*you'll need the second tie as the first one will probably get caught in the intake fan for the thing you're reverse engineering.

k2h said...

tie? ties aren't part of the corporate culture any more. ties are out. the new 'look' is kahkis and a golf shirt, or button up with the sleves rolled up. think super 'preppy' school. thats the in style. I won't be bringing a tie.

I have been thinking of packing 14 pairs of shirts (about all that I own) and forgetting about doing laundry. maybe I'll just buy underwear, that or recycle the shirts as underwear.. yeah.. that should work.

forkev said...

nice. just make sure you can get a room with a monster bathroom fan. put a dryer sheet over the fan and blow it at the day old shirt to give it that fresh sensation.