Sunday, September 19, 2004

Gmail, a social virus

Gmail is most definatetly a social virus if I've ever seen one.

I remember the good old days of the origional bots on aol. The thinking was if you could JUST GET YOUR NAME ON ONE you'd have 560 emails [or whatever it was] that contained up to 15 meg each of 'warez'. yup.. those were the days.

Then we all moved on to IRC, then to crappy P2P networks like kazaa/grokster/k++ (all same thing by the way) and most reciently bittorrent. yup. maybe the good old days are back. if we want them secure maybe we'll give WASTE a chance.

Until then I wonder how long it will take for people to revert back to the click and send mentality that AOL had us nursing on. With Gmail I don't think it will take long to find out.

If you look at the bottom of Gmail you'll see something like this:

You are currently using 0 MB (0%) of your 1000 MB.

Heres my giving back to the community. many of your very own Gmail invites. first come first serve (of course)

Invite 1 [k2h.admin]
Invite 2 (Stale because you waited too long)
Invite 3 [achi1313]
Invite 4
Invite 5
Invite 6 [bordekar]
Invite 7 [nachiket.bordekar]
Invite 8 [bordekar.nachiket]
Invite 9 [bshripad, from kev]
Invite 10 [tanmay1313, from kev]
Invite 11 [ameyaa from kev]
Invite 12 [ssaagar from kev]
Invite 13 [gadkar from kev]
Invite 14 []
Invite 15 []
Invite 16 []
Invite 17 []
Invite 18 []


k2h said...

ok.. already 2 minutes later I had to take an invite to create the email address for the blog site.

k2h said...

I created on [read when origional blog was posted] and I am now posting 5 invites I got from that account. anyone that takes an invite wanna post to the blog and say thanks??

Janell said...

Yea! I was finally able to log on. So now I can say... thank you for the gmail account. Jen said she would tell you so guess you get thanked twice.