Sunday, September 19, 2004

Gmail, already hacked?

It seems some group AusPhreak wants to assist the general public in cracking gmail passwords. Thats nice of them. with the lack of anything else to crack. check out the heads up at Bonar Media.

Gmail Hack 0.9b
I really don't think THIS gmail hack is the one that lets you use a perl script to save all of your 'useful data to your gmail account for free web storage' that you've already heard about.

I also don't think its the one that tells you to SHIFT+F to forward a message.

someday I'll check it out and assess its threat. until then I think i'll stick with somewhat of a secure password for Gmail. something along the lines of:

1) much longer than the minimum
2) must contain at least one 'special' character (yeah.. I don't use that yet either)
3) must be a good mix of alpha / numeric

if your still a stranger to strong passwords, get started at your local microsoft site.

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