Friday, November 03, 2006

G 650 X Challenge

I just ran across one of BMW's next bikes for 2007, (this bike and its 2 brothers are listed under enduro, and 'urban' respectivly. I must say. it looks ALOT like jens XT225. it looks like fun, but I must ask, what are these guys thinking? it better have a price around the XT225 and i'll buy 2, but if its more than the 650GS, forget it.


palegreenhorse said...

looks taller by quite a bit than my xt225 so for a lot of stuff i would still buy my xt225. from the non-perspective information pictures it looks taller than the dakar. which i suppose is how a dirt bike is supposed to be...i'm just not a good enough rider.

k2h said...

hey jen,
I went over to BMW UK as you suggested at looked at the 'other' HP2. its the same bike. from a superficial inspection, they changed the rear shock to a more standard spring shock. they moved to alloy wheels/ with track slicks. TOTALLY screwed up the front end,and added white to the tank plastic. tweaked for 5 additional HP, and there you go, the megamoto or whatever they called it. I like mine better.