Monday, September 25, 2006


Mental note: when having a fight with a coworker, NEVER, EVER under any circumstance call the person and leave a message stating you dislike the person. probable outcome will be that the phone is brought in as evidence, the message played to a HR representative, and you will be cited with unprofessional conduct. the result? skip 3 levels of displine, and you find yourself dazed and confused wondering what happened.

better method? have a one on one argument with someone, hash it out. and then its their word against yours. no witnesses (just a little blood if the situation warrants)

is what makes this particularly painful is it happened to one of my best people.

result to business? best person gives 2 week notice.


forkev said...

I guess business has no place for opinion. I'd of spun it that 'this is my opinion. I'm entitled to that'

I think much of management looks at 'happy' over 'productive'
Hey, if we have happy employees who are not empowered or taken seriously, we have something.

If we have unhappy employees tha are well paid, properly empowered, and taken seriously, they can quit.

I'd go for productive, myself, but i'm learning that many in managmeent don't think it's as important as I do.

k2h said...

I have a low review this year for the sole reason I have executed on productivity (top notch) at the expense of personal feelings.

be ready for the new [insert company name here] where everyones happy, except the customer.

forkev said...

Perhaps I'll see it differently when i'm the leader and have to put up with people's crap whining, but I'd hope I'd take some responsiblty and realize people whine becuase I allow it. Get rid of the whiners, and everyone is more happy. Keep them and give them what they want, and then those hardworking non-whiners feel stabbed in the back my management. I have a complex situation where the general public is just as much 'my customer' as the dude down the hall. I'd be a bit more relieved if managment would only allow me to take on projecects after reviewing and estimated cost, time (and what it takes to give me that time) and what the completed project adds value to. When people just show up at my door and demand 3 months of my time, and I'm expected by aministration to just accomodate them (and lets not discuss the areas i cut corners in to get time and keep 'happy' atmosphere around) it makes me sad. Oh well, another day. My tool that was not suspose to be ready until next year is almost done because administration thought they'd be more happy if it came out in the beta instead of v2. back to work.