Thursday, July 27, 2006

On The way out

Today I had my 6 month evaluation, as if once a year isn't good enough, they break it down into 6 month intervals now.basically it boils down to the department I work for is black listed and 'officially sucks' as viewed by the upper ups, and everyone that has control over the destinies. I'm viewed as having too many HR problems (either personally, or direct-reports that have HR problems, i'm not sure) and am given a ranking of LEP, least effective GE lingo, thats you suck and need to find a new job.I'll run limited damage control before the alaska trip, and continue when I get back, but its starting to look like the smog is more appealing.


forkev said...

interesting. do you think you can get a transfer to the smog before they out you?

k2h said...

I can surivive here if need be. but I can get a hint when its handed.