Friday, May 13, 2005

adventure motorcycling

maybe its just work, but I"ve got a real itch to get out on the bike again! this seems to parallel, very closely to what we did on street bikes in BC last summer. if we want to go the adventure route we should check into call of the wild!

ahh.. here is a must get. 15$ for the rhino mount. I wonder if its crap or if it will hold up to the rigors of the bike or if it is of the $14.99 quality it is for sale for?

i'll check it out anyway


palegreenhorse said...

i could really go for a long ride! that looks like a lot of fun.

nice find on the rhino mount, although you'll have to stick with the one carrying it, i ditch my bike too often =).

k2h said...

mount work great, but vibration from bike squashes the springs in the GPS and it won't stay on when the bike is in motion. I am now looking into beefing up the springs and installing a capacitor in the battery compartment. this should fix it! garmin, if you ever read this, design a better battery mount system in the Rinos!